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Nicholas Galitzine of 'Cinderella' Descended from Noble Princes

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Actor and musician Nicholas Galitzine plays Prince Charming in the new Cinderella and is himself descended from the noble House of Golitsyn.

By Mike Batie | Instagram | Twitter

Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert in Amazon Prime's 'Cinderella' - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Nicholas Galitzine plays a prince in Amazon Prime's 'Cinderella' — but in real life he's actually descended from the House of Golitsyn. | Image via Sony/Amazon Prime

Many are taking notice of British actor Nicholas Galitzine in Amazon Prime's new take on Cinderella, a modern-day story of female empowerment, which is currently the number one streaming movie and soundtrack in America. And the film's star prince turns out to be of princely birth in real life.

Buckle up, because I'm going to unfold 1,200 years of his noble ancestry and the meaning of his unique surname.

Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert in Cinderella with Camila Cabello - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Prince Nicholas Galitzine playing Prince Robert with Camila Cabello in Amazon Prime's 'Cinderella.' | Image via Sony/Amazon Prime

Nicholas Galitzine a Prince in the Noble House of Galitzine

According to some official records in the U.K., actor Nicholas Galitzine, his father, and his grandfather are all styled as Prince Galitzine. All are direct descendants of the noble House of Golitsyn.

Nicholas Galitzine's family coat of arms, illustration digitally restored by Mike Batie.
The coat of arms of Nicholas Galitzine's princely family, the House of Golitsyn. In the upper quadrant, the knight on horseback comes from Nick's ancestors, the Dukes of Lithuania. | Image: An antique illustration digitally restored by Mike Batie

In addition to the records, Nick's surname is a dead giveaway of his noble lineage, as the Golitsyns or Galitzines were one of the largest princely houses in the ancient Tsardom of Russia. The Galitzines were grand princes ruling over principalities and duchies that stretched from present-day Lithuania to Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. From medieval history to the modern era, many Galitzines were boyars, warlords, generals, chamberlains, and members of the Tsar's imperial court.

Nick Galitzine's Noble Family Lines

The Galitzine princely line goes back to the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and the Grand Princes of Kyiv, Novgorod, and Moscow.

As you can see in the chart below, actor Nick Galitizine's family line traces back nearly 1,200 years to legendary figure Rurik, Grand Prince of Novgorod, who was born around 830 A.D.

Ancestry lineage chart showing Nicholas Galitzine's noble family lines - by Mike Batie
Nicholas Galiztine's noble family lines tracing back over a millennium. | Chart by Mike Batie

Origin and Meaning of the Surname Galitzine

Nick's ancestor Mikhail, Prince Bulgakov (b.1466) was nicknamed "The Iron Glove" for the iron glove he often wore on his left hand (either because he lost his hand in battle or he just wanted to beat Michael Jackson as the trendsetter for wearing a single glove).

Because of his fancy iron glove, Mikhail was referred to as "Golitsa," which in ancient speak was "iron glove," which in present-day Lithuanian is geležinė. Thus, Prince Mikhail's nickname became the surname of his descendants: Galitzine — the Iron Glove.

Nicholas Galitzine in the palace in Amazon Prime's Cinderella film - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Nick Galitzine's surname comes from a nickname of his ancestor, Prince Mikhail "Golitsa." | Image via Sony/Amazon Prime

The Realms Ruled by Nick's Ancestors

The Galitzine princes descend from three ancient Eastern European houses. In the maps below, you can see the extent of their realms laid over present-day countries.

Above: The realms of the ancient noble houses that Nicholas Galitzine is descended from. | Maps by Mike Batie

The Galitzine Family's Fall from Power

After reigning for over a millennium, this illustrious family line lost its power — almost overnight — in the modern era.

During the 1917 Russian Revolution, the ruling class of imperial royals and nobility was overthrown. Tsar Nicholas Romanov, his wife, and five children were murdered by the Bolshevik revolutionaries who transformed Russia into a communist nation.

Noble families like the Galitzines were hunted down and executed or imprisoned (where they were worked and starved to death). Noble families who were still alive and able to escape fled the country, losing everything overnight: their elite status, ruling power, wealth, lands, and palaces.

Nicholas Galitzine in the palace in Cinderella - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Prince Nicholas Galitzine playing a fairy tale prince. Life imitating art imitating life. | Image via Sony/Amazon Prime

Exiled Galitzine Princes

Actor Nick Galitzine's recent ancestors were a family branch that managed to escape Russia by fleeing to safety in England. They had to leave behind everything.

Arkhangelskoye Palace with a yellow cream facade. It once belonged to the Golitsyn family.
Arkhangelskoye Palace, an estate that once belonged to a branch of the Golitsyns. Today it is a Russian state museum. | Image by A. Savins

Despite losing all their earthly possessions, the Galitzines remain as a non-reigning princely house today. They rose from their sudden fall and worked hard to establish themselves anew in England. Today they are successful working business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists.

That leads us down to our boy Prince Nicholas Galitzine.

Nicholas Galitzine is a modern day prince - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Nicholas Galitzine in the palace of the 2021 Cinderella film. | Image via Sony/Amazon Prime

While his family may no longer be reigning today, we still find ourselves bowing to Nick's many, many talents.

Nick has already been off to an amazing start with a breakout role in the critically acclaimed Irish film Handsome Devil, which I remembered him well from his performance as the brooding, talented star rugby player.

In his personal life, Nick is a fantastic rugby athlete and even attended a school with the best rugby program in the nation.

Nicholas Galitzine as a rugby player in Handsome Devil movie - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Nicholas Galitzine got to put his real-life rugby skills to use portraying the star rugby player in 'Handsome Devil.'

In 2014, Galitzine also starred in The Beat Beneath My Feet with the late actor Luke Perry. More recently he starred in the 2020 film The Craft: Legacy. Up next for Galitzine is the film Purple Hearts in which he stars opposite Sofia Carson.

Nicholas Galitzine playing the guitar with Luke Perry - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Nicholas Galitzine starred with 'Beverly Hills, 90210' actor Luke Perry in 'The Beat Beneath My Feet.'

In addition to being an excellent athlete, Galitzine is also a talented musician. It's no wonder he is drawn to music, dancing, acting, and the arts — his Russian aristocratic ancestors were all patrons of music and the arts. It's in his blood, and he put all that cultivated talent to good use in Cinderella.

Abandon your ideas about the plot of the original fairy tale for this new incarnation of Cinderella. Much like the 1991 film Hook asked the question: "What if Peter Pan grew up?" this version of Cinderella asks the question: "What if Cinderella and Prince Charming had other dreams they wanted to pursue besides being royals?"

Nicholas Galitzine and Camila Cabello spin while ballroom dancing - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Nicholas Galitzine and Camila Cabello ballroom dancing in 'Cinderella.' / Image via Amazon Prime

Since Nick comes from a long line of Galitzine princes, it's no wonder that standing on palace balconies and ballroom dancing look like they come naturally to him. I think his ancestors would be tickled to see him portraying for audiences something of a fantasy of the life they once lived.

Nicholas Galitzine in the Cinderella ballroom scene - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Nicholas Galitzine in the Cinderella ballroom scene. | Image via Sony/Amazon Prime

The House of Golitsyn's family motto is "Vir est Vis," meaning, "Man himself is power." Think of this motto the next time you set out to chase your dreams: the power is within you. That motto is certainly embodied in Nick, who said:

"To me, power really is being able to have some kind of resonance and to be able to impact other people's lives in a positive way. It's one of the things that really drives me as an actor, is to be able to provide some kind of positive resonance with people. Every project, I hope someone takes something positive from it. That feels empowering to me."

— Nicholas Galitzine

(Continues below)

Nicholas Galitzine smiles on the palace balcony in Cinderella - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert in 'Cinderella.' | Image via Sony/Amazon Prime

Nick's original passion was actually to pursue rugby professionally, but multiple injuries and a lack of a creative outlet made him eventually tire of the pursuit.

When he decided he wanted to get into acting, people told Nick that he was too late, that he should have started when he was just a child in order to be successful.

Boy did he prove them wrong.

Nick has shown us that when it comes to pursuing your passions, there is no striking of the clock at midnight — it's never too late to get started pursuing your dreams.

Follow Nick's journey: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify

My YouTube Video on Nicholas Galitzine's Surname Origin


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Nicholas Galitzine of 'Cinderella' is a real-life prince. | Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie

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Answer: Nicholas Galitzine stars as Cinderella's love interest, Prince Robert, an updated version of Prince Charming, in the 2021 Cinderella movie retelling on Amazon Prime.

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