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'Purple Hearts' Star Nicholas Galitzine Descended from Princely House of Golitsyn

Updated: Aug 11

The Galitzine surname of the Purple Hearts actor indicates descent from ancient noble dynasties in Kyiv and Lithuania.

Nicholas Galitzine as U.S. Marine Luke in Netflix' Purple Hearts.
Nicholas Galitzine as Luke in 'Purple Hearts.' / Netflix

British actor Nicholas Galitzine stars in the Netflix hit Purple Hearts as a U.S. Marine, Luke, opposite Sofia Carson as musician Cassie. Galitzine has been working hard in films and television since a young age, and his years of hard work and phenomenal talent are certainly paying off as he scores leading roles. Next up for Galitizine is the Amazon Prime movie Red, White & Royal Blue.

Nicholas Galitzine as Marine Luke in 'Purple Hearts'
Nicholas Galitzine as Luke in 'Purple Hearts' / Netflix

Watch my video presentation on Nicholas Galitzine's surname origin

Origin of Nicholas Galitzine's Surname

Nick's surname Galitzine gives away his likely ties to ancient ancestral lines of the Princes of Kyiv and the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. The Galitzine surname spelling is a Western European version of the princely surname Golitsyn, which traces its origins back to the Boyer prince Mikhail Bulgakov in 1466. Mikhail received the nickname "Golitsa" which meant "iron glove," since he wore an iron glove on one of his hands. In modern Lithuanian glove is geležinė. Maybe Prince Mikhail wore the glove as a fashion statement, or possibly because he injured or lost a hand in battle. The nickname Golitsa morphed into the surname Golitsyn and Galitzine for his descendants.

A medieval iron glove is the origin of the surname Galitzine - Golitsyn - Golitsa.
The surname Galitzine comes from an ancestor of the Galitzines — a prince who wore an iron glove, earning the nickname "Golitsa' which meant glove.

Nicholas Galitzine's likely descent from Grand Dukes of Lithuania and Grand Princes of Kyiv

Assuming by his surname and other records that Nicholas Galitzine is a blood descendant of Prince Mikhail, we can then trace his roots back to the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and the Grand Princes of Kyiv — lines that trace back to around 800 AD.

Purple Hearts actor Nicholas Galitzine's noble lineage.
Nicholas Galitzine's surname comes from a princely line stretching back to around 800 AD. / Chart by Mike Batie - Hollywood Ancestry

This noble descent is fitting for Nicholas Galitzine, considering he played the dashing Prince Robert in Amazon Prime's Cinderella, and also plays a prince in Red, White & Royal Blue. As Galitzine's ancient ancestors were warriors who led armies into battle, it's also a neat tie into his military role in Purple Hearts.

Nicholas Galitzine kissing Sofia Carson in 'Purple Hearts'
Nicholas Galitzine with Sofia Carson in 'Purple Hearts' / Netflix

Nicholas Galitzine's Greek Ancestry

In addition to his noble Eastern European ancestry, Nicholas Galiztine is also half Greek on his mother's side and speaks Greek fluently. His two middle names include both sides of his family: Dmitri from the Eastern European side, and Konstantine from his Greek side.

Nicholas Galitzine in 'Purple Hearts'
Nicholas Galitzine in 'Purple Hearts' / Netflix

And finally, a huge thanks from the heart to Nick for saying hi and chatting with me at the filming of Purple Hearts, where I got the amazing opportunity to be an extra in three different scenes. Nick is absolutely a kind soul brimming with talent, and I look forward to seeing more of his work in roles that are destined to come his way.

Mike Batie with Nicholas Galitzine in Purple Hearts.
The author of this article with Nicholas Galitzine during some of the filming of 'Purple Hearts.' / Mike Batie

Be sure to catch Nicholas Galiztine in these other excellent films:

Cinderella - Amazon Prime

Handsome Devil - Netflix

The Beat Beneath My Feet - Amazon Prime

Red, White & Royal Blue - Amazon Prime

Purple Hearts

Music! Listen to his single "Comfort" on Spotify.

Follow Nick on his social media pages:

Instagram - @nicholasgalitzine

Twitter - @nickgalitzine


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