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Mike Batie - Hollywood Ancestry

Hi, I'm Mike Batie. Storytelling binds generations. Films and family history are both powerful forms of storytelling that do just that—bind generations. Passionate performances by actors—Hollywood's storytellers—have moved and educated me. So have the interesting stories I uncover in ancestors—history's storytellers. Hollywood Ancestry was born out of an idea to find the ancestral storytellers of Hollywood's storytellers and share interesting insights and lessons.


I am a family historian who enjoys researching my ancestry and the family trees of others. It gives me a sense of someone’s background and what makes them who they are today. To see their roots, and where they come from can be inspiring. I’m often in awe of the connections of their ancestors’ experiences in the past to the present day.

By sharing interesting insights from the family trees of actors and notable people, I hope to inspire others to research their family trees and find out where they come.


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