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'Flash' Star Grant Gustin Descended from Ancient Channel Islands Line

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The star of the CW's 'Flash' series descends from a Jersey Island patriarchal family line.

Grant Gustin at Comic-Con - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Grant Gustin at Comic-Con. Image by vagueonthehow via Wikimedia commons.

Grant Gustin stars as The Flash in the CW series, which has received great reviews by critics and viewers alike, running now for seven seasons.

Grant's patriarchal Gustin line traces back over 450 years to the Channel Islands, specifically Jersey, a small island in the English Channel, just 19 miles off of the coast of France.

Grant Gustin's family from Jersey Island | by Mike Batie
Location of Jersey off the coast of France. | Graphic by Chipmunkdavis

I was able to follow Grant Gustin's family line back thirteen generations through Americans, Canadians, and back to Jersey Islanders in late Middle Ages. Check out his line of descent below.

Grant Gustin family line by Mike Batie
Grant Gustin's line of descent from the inhabitants of Jersey from the late Middle Ages. | Chart by Mike Batie

Grant's 8th great grandfather Augustine Jean Gustin, was the first in his line to leave Jersey and immigrate to America, settling in Salem, Massachusetts Colony.

Augustine's great grandson, John Gustin (Grant's 5th great grandfather) settled his family across the border in Canada. Further down the line in Grant's family tree, his ancestors were homesteading in the tiny Lobo Township in Ontario, ironically the same township where my (the author's) ancestors were also farming. So our ancestors might have known each other's acquaintance.

Grant's family eventually found their way back to the United States, where Grant was born in Virginia state, and is now an accomplished actor in Hollywood. Not bad for the humble beginnings of a family from a small island off the coast of France.

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