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Josh Hutcherson is Related to George Washington

'Hunger Games' actor Josh Hutcherson is descended from the same Washington family lineage as the first U.S. President, George Washington. | By Mike Batie

Josh Hutcherson and George Washington are related by Mike Batie
George Washington and Josh Hutcherson are both related through a common ancestor.

We saw Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games films, leading the fight with Katniss Everdeen in a war of revolution to free the districts from the tyranny of a dictator. In an interesting connection, Josh Hutcherson is descended from the same family line as George Washington, a Revolutionary War general who became the first U.S. president.

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games | Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Josh Hutcherson, as Peeta Mellark in 'The Hunger Games,' helped lead a war of revolution.

On his father's side, Hutcherson is the 10th great-grandson of Colonel John Washington, who was the great grandfather of George Washington. Through this common ancestor, Josh Hutcherson and U.S. President George Washington are 2nd cousins 9x removed.

Chart showing Josh Hutcherson's relation to George Washington by Mike Batie
Josh Hutcherson's relation to U.S. President George Washington. | Chart by Mike Batie / Hollywood Ancestry

Colonel John Washington is the founder of the Washington family in America. Born in 1633, at the age of 24 he immigrated from England to the Virginia Colony on the ship The Sea Horse of London, arriving in 1657. So the Washingtons totally Brexited before it was cool.

Colonel John Washington's coat of arms.
Detail from a pedigree chart showing the coat of arms of Colonel John Washington, the 10th great grandfather of actor Josh Hutcherson.

I should note that every one of Josh Hutcherson's 7th great-grandfathers that I found was a soldier in the War of American Revolution. You can read my findings on that here.

While researching his family tree, I also discovered that Josh Hutcherson and I are 10th cousins through our common ancestor, Joseph Loomis, and are additionally related through multiple colonial and noble family lines.

Josh Hutcherson animated gif saying yep - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Yep, Josh Hutcherson is descended from the same family line as George Washington.

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