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Matthew Noszka's Polish Heritage

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Matthew Noszka has an impressive Polish heritage of immigrant ancestors chasing and achieving the American dream. Follow their journey from Poland in the 1800s to the present.

By Mike Batie

Matthew Noszka selfie with palm trees - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Image via Matthew Noszka's Twitter

Matthew Noszka is an American actor and model. Noszka recently starred in Netflix's holiday ensemble flick Let It Snow, playing the role of JP Lapierre opposite Kiernan Shipka (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Mitchell Hope (Disney's Descendants). I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline with these three, so check it out if you haven't already.

Matthew Noszka with Mitchell Hope | Mike Batie - Hollywood Ancestry
Matthew Noszka with Kiernan Shipka and Mitchell Hope in the Netflix holiday movie 'Let It Snow.' / Image via Netflix

In Memoriam

Today, May 4, 2020, marks one year since the passing of Matt's father, Daniel Noszka. This family history research and article is done in honor of his memory and family heritage.

Matthew Noska with his father | Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Matthew with his father, Daniel Noszka. | Image via Matthew's Twitter

The Noszka family in America has quite an inspiring immigrant family success story. Below is Matt's patriarchal line of descent. I'll discuss each ancestor starting from the top.

Jozef J. Noszka - Great Grandfather

Matt's 2nd great grandfather, Jozef J. Noszka, was born on 15 March 1888 in Odrzykoń, an ancient small village in the Krosno region of southeastern Poland.

Map of Poland showing Krosno, the region where Matthew Noszka's ancestors come from.

The area we now call Poland has had a turbulent history with its borders. When Matt's great grandfather was born in the Krosno area, this region was a crown land within the Austro-Hungarian empire. Today this region is in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship of Poland.

Signature of Matthew Noszka's great grandfather, Jozef Noska. | Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Signature of Matthew's great grandfather, Jozef Noska, taken from records he signed during his life. | Extracted from documents by Mike Batie

The major population group inhabiting the Subcarpathian Voivodeship is the Pogórzanie, a distinctive subethnic group of Poles, so the Noszkas were likely a part of this group.

We know from records a little about Jozef's appearance. He was 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and weighed 150 pounds. He had brown hair and grey-blue eyes.

Matthew Noszka - Krosno - Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms for Krosno, the region in which Matthew's Noszka ancestors come from.

In 1906, Jozef made his way from Poland to port in Antwerp, Belgium, where he set sail for America onboard the ship Zeeland. On 5 November 1906, Jozef passed by the Statue of Liberty, arriving at port in New York City.

The SS Zeeland, on which Matthew Noska's ancestor sailed. | Mike Batie
The SS Zeeland, on which Matthew's great grandfather sailed from Europe to America. | Image via The Peabody Museum of Salem

Immigration route of Jozef Noszka, traveling from his home in Poland to Antwerp to catch a boat to New York City, then onward to Pittsburgh. | Map by Mike Batie

By 1910, Jozef was married and working at a printing shop in Pittsburgh, living at 807 Gearing Avenue.

Jozef's wife, Marie Kozubal (Matthew's great grandmother), was born 23 April 1893 in the village of Szczepańcowa, also in the Krosno area. Marie immigrated to the United States, setting sail out of Bremen, Germany, and arriving at port in New York City on 15 December 1906.

Matthew Noszka ancestors naturalization records | Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Naturalization records for Jozef Noszka (left) and his wife, Marie (Kozubal) Noszka.

Sadly, Jozef and Marie were expecting their firstborn child in 1913, however, five months into the pregnancy, their infant son was premature stillborn on 20 January 1913. Later, Jozef and Marie would have five more children: Helen, Veronica, Stanley (through whom Matthew is descended), Theresa, and Victoria.

Around 1917, Jozef was working as a repair man for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. His war draft registration card of 1917 listed him as tall and slender (must be where his great grandson Matt gets it from).

Matthew Noska's ancestor WWI draft registration card. Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Jozef Noszka's WWI draft registration card.

By 1920, Jozef and his young family were living at 138 ½ 41st Street in Pittsburgh, and he was working as a railroad car inspector. By 1930, Jozef and his family moved down the street to 172 41st Street. In 1930, Jozef owned the house at a value of $7,000. Today the property is worth nearly $300,000.

Jozef Noszka's family home in Pittsburgh | Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Jozef Noszka's family home in Pittsburgh, indicated by the red pin. According to property records, the home was built in 1880.

Jozef Noszka passed away in 1936 and is buried in the Saint Stanislaus & Saint Anthony Cemetery in Etna, Pennsylvania. His wife Marie passed away on 21 November 1967 and is buried at the same cemetery as her husband.

Stanley M. Noszka - Grandfather

Matt's grandfather, Stanley Michael Noszka, was born on 19 September 1920 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On some records, his name is listed as Stanislaus, but Stanley is the anglicized equivalent.

He received higher education at Duquesne University, a private Catholic school in Pittsburgh, where he played on the basketball team for three years under Hall of Fame coach Chick Davies.

Stan married Gloria Elizabeth Hauck in 1943. Gloria was born 25 August 1923 in Pittsburgh. She attended Columbia University in New York, during which time she took a strong interest in contract bridge, the trick-taking card game using a standard 52-card deck.

Stan served in the US Navy during World War II, (service number 310859) a Lieutenant assigned to the USS LST-181.

Matthew Noszka ancestor served on USS LST-181 | Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Records show Stan Noszka as being assigned to the USS LST-181, pictured above. | Image via NavSource Naval History.

At 6 feet 1 inch and 185 pounds, Stan played professionally for the Pittsburgh Ironmen in the 1946-47 season. He later went on to play for the Boston Celtics for two seasons, 1946-47 and 1948-49. In his second season with the Celtics, the team went to the playoffs. In all, he played 110 games and averaged six points per game during his career.

Matthew Noszka's grandfather played for the Boston Celtics | Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Matthew's grandfather, Stan Noszka, played for the Boston Celtics. | Image via Pro Basketball Encyclopedia

After basketball, Stan went on to a career in government, first with the city of Pittsburgh, and later serving as a Pennsylvania State Senator for eleven years, from 1967 to 1978.

Matthew Noszka's grandfather, Stan Noszka, served as a state senator. Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie.
Pennsylvania State Capitol. Stan Noszka served as a state senator for eleven years.

In 1970, Stan's wife, Gloria, was named to USA Olympic bridge team to play in the summer games in Stockholm, Sweden. She was a life master of the American Contract Bridge League. Gloria was also a real estate agent for Vanguard Real Estate, Inc.

Matthew Noszka's grandmother Gloria was an expert bridge player | Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Gloria (Hauck) Noszka was an expert contract bridge player. | Image from a newspaper

Gloria passed away on 2 July 1983 at Saint Francis General Hospital and was buried in the Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh. Her husband Stanley Noszka passed away on 15 November 1991 and is also buried in the Allegheny Cemetery.

Daniel J. Noszka - Father

Matt's father, Daniel Joseph Noszka, was born on 24 September 1957. He married Maureen Fitzpatrick in Nevada.

Daniel worked in construction and landscaping. He was described in his obituary as working "tirelessly to provide for his family, and was generous to a fault." He was a passionate golfer and described by loved ones as a gentle soul with a kind heart.

Daniel Noszka passed away on 4 May 2019, surrounded by his family in Pittsburgh.



1957 - 2019

Matthew Noszka with his father | Hollywood Ancestry
Matthew with his father. | Image via Matthew's Twitter

Matthew Noszka

Matthew was born on 27 October 1992 in Pittsburgh to Daniel and Maureen Noszka.

Matthew was an athletic child and a passionate basketball player growing up (it runs in the family). He attended Park Point University on a sports scholarship, studying business and attending classes in the performing arts.

Matthew Noszka with his mother - Hollywood Ancestry by Mike Batie
Matthew with his mother | Image via Matthew's Twitter

In 2014, Matt finished building a deck and posted a photo on Instagram. From that post, he was noticed by an agent who requested more photos and an audition. From there, Matthew was signed on to Wilhelmina Models in New York City. His first modeling gig was a campaign for Nike.

Matthew Noszka instagram | Hollywood Ancestry
This is the Instagram post that got Noszka recognized by a modeling agent. | Image via ABC News

Matt has gone on to model for major brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and others. He has appeared in many magazines, including GQ, Esquire, Da Man, and more.

Matt is also an auto enthusiast, and owns 412 Motorsport, a high-end auto customization and vehicle repair company in Los Angeles.

In addition to modeling, Noszka has gained several acting credits, including in the television series Tales in 2017, another series called Star in 2018-19, and a role in the 2019 Netflix holiday movie Let It Snow.

Matthew Noszka in Let It Snow with Mitchell Hope - Mike Batie for Hollywood Ancestry
Matthew Noszka in 'Let It Snow' with Kiernan Shipka and Mitchell Hope. | Image via Netflix

Here's a fun video clip of Matthew promoting Let It Snow with his costar and friend, Mitchell Hope, in a "get-along Christmas sweater."

We've come on a long journey following the Noszka family from Poland, across the Atlantic, and down to the present day in the United States. The Noszkas were an immigrant family who helped build this nation. In the New World they ranged from being railroad workers, to professional basketball players, state senator, construction and landscape, real estate, successful middle class families, and on down to Matthew as an accomplished model, actor, and entrepreneur. What a success story for a family line!

You can follow Matthew and stay up to date via his social media accounts:


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